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Everything you need
in the esports
betting world

As the esports world grows, new opportunities emerge. Our low-latency API will help you better navigate the live odds in esports matches. Our trading tool is based on machine learning modelling, as well as risk management. Try our demo today and see how it works.


Our products

betting odds feed

Trading solution
for esports betting

Main advantages


Guaranteed profit

With our trading and risk management solution, we are the only ones in the business, who can contractually guarantee a 5.9% profit.


Highest uptime on the market

The higher the uptime, the higher the amount of bets. We know why uptime is so crucial for success in esports betting world, and that’s why we secure a 95% uptime of our odds during the match.


More than 16 000 matches per year

We cover all major esports tournaments with prize pool more than $20k. Immediate resulting, time line, and match statistics included.

Who we are

RTSmunity started as an idea inspired by Deep Blue (IBM). We have developed an unparalleled understanding of esport games such as DOTA 2, League of Legends, CS:GO and other titles. Soon that idea was put in motion and in 2015 a leading-edge tech company was founded.

With the help of 20 outstanding team members - game analysts, quantitative analysts and developers - we developed our own unique value proposition. Our confidence in the solutions we make let us become a market pioneer for esports betting.

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Our Partners


From all the possibilities available on the market, we are very happy we have chosen RTSmunity with their top offer. We can now satisfy all expectations of our customers.


The complex range of markets, tournaments coverage, and uptime of 95% are the crucial things we are looking for. We are convinced esports have got a lot of potential, and together with RTSmunity, we will be a dominant part of that.


Since starting our cooperation in 2018, we have been able to consistently reach a double digit profit.


The odds feed from RTSmunity covers the widest range - not only tournaments, but also pre-match and live markets.


RTSmunity is a liquidity provider for esports on Betfair exchange.

News & Announcements

SBC Digital Summit starts today!

SBC Digital Summit starts today!


Get ready for the Esports panel, where our CEO Pavol Krasnovsky, together with Paris Smith CEO of Pinnacle and Sergey Portnov CEO of Parimatch, will be discussing current state and future of Esports betting. The panel will be live today, at 1.30pm - 2.10pm UK. Let us know if you would like to participate!

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SBC Digital Summit and the importance of esports

SBC Digital Summit and the importance of esports


On April 27th, we will be part of the SBC Digital Summit, an important event, which is trying to put together professionals from the betting industry. The panel that we will be part of, is focused on esports. In this article, originally published at sbcnews.com, you can read about the importance of data in esports betting. Take this as a sneak peak for the event itself.

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Are sports moving to virtual world?

Are sports moving to virtual world?


With ongoing crisis which paralyzed almost all possible sports and leagues, sport fans and punters are struggling to keep themselves entertained with current content for traditional sports. This is the reason behind all sportsbooks switching maximal attention to esports.

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